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Global Markets

At Quantumvest, we take a modern approach to investment management.
Quantumvest’s portfolio managers have navigated a variety of market conditions across various types of financial markets. We seek to generate alpha by taking a top-down approach of the financial markets using not only fundamental analytics but also technical analytics to select the best investments possible. We also analyze historical and current information through statistical and quantitative modeling, as well as predictive analytics, to identify and capture opportunities. Our analysis of the various markets follow a strict set of rules and principles that have been tested over the course of time.

Investment Strategies

Quantum Growth Portfolio

Our Premier Portfolio is comprised of approximately 15-25 of the highest quality stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)s. This Portfolio delivers superior risk adjusted returns for investors. This multi capitalization strategy allows us to find value across all markets and incorporates broad diversification.

Quantum High Quality Dividend Yield Portfolio

Our Dividend-Yield portfolio fixates on mainly large capitalization equities with strong management, solid earnings growth, and quality dividends. It also possesses yield producing Fixed Income Securities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)s. This portfolio is intended for long term capital appreciation and meaningful income.

Quantum Fixed Income Portfolio

Our Income portfolio intends to allow our clients to invest in the equity and fixed income markets. Clients have the ability, based on risk tolerance, to experience market returns in multi capitalizations, markets, and asset types. This portfolio is offered at a lower cost compared to the active portfolios while still having access to the highest level of client services.

Quantum Balanced Portfolio

Our balanced portfolios provide a customized allocation of the above portfolios and are constructed on a client by client basis.

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